Have I got stories?  If you know me at all, you know I do and I love to tell some of them over and over again. Some of them are written down, most just get better with each telling.  My own personal art of storytelling is simple …  embellishment … just add more adjectives (word bling, if you will) in hopes of making everyone laugh or cry, your choice.


It just depends on how they make their way out and whether they end up short and sweet (maybe bittersweet) or longer and torchy.  I twirl words around like a lock of hair on a finger or noodles on a fork when I’m driving, sometimes pulling over just to see where they land. That’s when I write them down.

Pick your poison. I’m just happy if you read the words.




4 responses to “Amusings

  1. Love it, Deborah, I just wish there were more and you were signing your book for me!

  2. Laurie, you are just one of my favorite people!!

  3. You just never seem to run our of great dishes to cook and fabulous stories to tell. I am amazed and pleased. Forget Julie & Julia – the next flick will be”Deborah & ________” – some famous “d named chef of your choice.

  4. Good work Deb!

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