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The Meat House + music to cook by + Foodimentary – Today is …

The Meat House Burgundy Wine Steak Tips

A friend showed up last week with 2 butcher-wrapped mystery packets with the verbal instructions to put them in the freezer for a future grill test.  I don’t love freezing good fresh meat, but far be it from me to argue with a hunter/ gatherer/bringer of meat.  He’d strongly disagree saying I can sass back with the best, but that’s another story.  

The little packages came from The Meat House, a new place in Chapel Hill across from The Siena Hotel (and the old site of Applebee’s, I believe).  Touted as your “neighborhood butcher and grocer” The Meat House promises “to be excellent, consistent, and customer focused in everything we do!”  Guess what? They do!

They happily offer samples and my friend convinced them to give him two, promising that he’d bring someone back into the store with him next time.  That next time was yesterday and that someone was me. 

It’s a cool little store with practically everything you need for a meal.  Wine, beer, sides, condiments, etc. Even ice cream.  Maybe the nicest surprise of all were the local selections – Chapel Hill Creamery cheeses, Maple View Farms ice cream, Guglhupf bread, Kerala Curry – alongside their exotic meat selections of buffalo, venison, and ostrich.

The two sample packages rounded out the newly purchased marinated steak tips, a couple of sausages (sweet Italian & bratwurst – because you can never have too much meat), marinated mushrooms ready-to-sautee, and Maple View Farms Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  Waiting at home was a bottle of Chianti in a straw basket.

Maybe it was the beautiful night, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the company, but it was all tender and delicious.  I’ll go back and, as my friend did, I’ll carry it forward and take someone else to introduce them to The Meat House.

Music to cook by on a warm September evening:  Simon & Garfunkel’s Concert in Central Park.

Today is … National Cream-Filled Donut Day! * September is National Chicken, Honey, Mushroom, Papaya, Potato, Rice Month.  Can you create a recipe using all those ingredients in one dish?  

*with special thanks to the Foodimentary Guy John-Bryan Hopkins!