Who Me?

I wouldn’t date a guy once when he bragged that he didn’t like garlic.  I mean, really, where could that possibly go long term? And who brags about something like that to a classically trained cook?

On paper he looked near-perfect … devilishly handsome and successful, but as I sipped my first (and only) glass of wine listening to him drone on about the evils of garlic and Thai food, his belief that global warming was just propaganda, etc. I wanted to be anywhere else but there. By the time he got to  his love of Kenny G, I was so bored and incensed I could almost feel my nostrils flaring. I even briefly wondered if I should try the old “escape via the ladies room” trick.  This was a perfectly boring, perfectly predictable man, perfectly void of any spice and seasoning. Translation: sex would be the same.  Blink, blink!  I didn’t stay for a second glass.

Oh, go ahead and read my post Memorial Day in the Hindsight Zone on dating and trying to find love.

There’s always been a man who lived in my imagination. Even before I met him. I knew he was there. And I knew he was looking for me. I could feel it. He’s always had my heart. Odds were that he’s not in my town, state, country, or even hemisphere. Yet, there he was. Only feet away. Life has been joyful and beyond.

Things you may or may not know about me.  You should just ask me about these the next time you see me.

  1. Salt, sea & sand
  2. Bareback rider in the circus
  3. A cake in the shape of a guitar for Brian Jones
  4. Jimi Hendrix & the Monkees
  5. Numerical dyslexia
  6. Janis Joplin, Southern Comfort & Sam Houston Andrew
  7. Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford @ the Watergate Hotel
  8. 22 cities/towns
  9. Joy amid the pots, pans, soups and sauces
  10. Out-of-control passion, deep drowning kisses, and falling ass over teacup in love
  11. Riding alone for several floors with Salvador Dali … 4 times.
  12. Studio in the Country with The Neville Bros & Fiyo on the Bayou
  13. The Car wash in New Orleans
  14. Art stores with Don Van Vleit (aka The Captain)
  15. Lee & Zak, a very Starkey night & day at the museum
  16. Lisa & John Entwistle in Stowe-on-the-Wold on Boxing Day
  17. Life’s too short for …
  18. Santorini & a magical night in Crete
  19. Itzhak Perlman & Pinchus Zuckerman from the front row
  20. Signature dishes
  21. through 99.  Oh, the stories.

Join me on this journey. All you need is your appetite for almost anything out of the ordinary … and a sense of humor.

Email:  simmer2sizzle@gmail.com

Facebook:  Deborah Miller

Simmer2Sizzle Flickr:  My Photo Stream

5 responses to “Who Me?

  1. love it!

  2. Write on woman!

  3. Deborah Gallarelli

    This is fabulous! Keep it going!

  4. I’m a hard man to impress and this blog is terrific. As a lover of good food, good music and good writing, I’m putting it on my favorites list.

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