Music for 1am

Sunday: Sunday Morning, Coming Down” according to Kris Kristofferson woulda been a good anthem for a weekend of sensation overload all related to things you put in your mouth.   Did I say I didn’t even get out of my pj’s until well after 2pm?  Ok, then … you’ve been there too.  I was resting up for a trek back out to Saxapahaw to The Haw River Ballroom to hear Spirit Family Reunion.  Accompanied by my trusty side kick (who going forward shall be known as SK so as not to incriminate the guilty),  I was full of edgy anticipation.  Cabaret-style seating with lots of little tables along with some very cool old benches (a couple of park benches, church pews, etc.) was a nice touch. The bands were fun and it was a good night.

Sunday … or maybe it’s Monday already. 12:10AM.  The Station.  Carrboro is mostly dark and quiet. Already tidied up after 180 bands picked, drummed, fiddled, and tickled ivories at the 14th Annual Carrboro Music Festival.   But wait … up ahead … The Station at Southern Rail is still thrumming and vibrating. One more stop can’t hurt, can it? 

John Wesley Satterfield and His Damn Fine Band are tearing it apart. It’s hard not to fall in love with a band playing “House of the Rising Sun” when you walk in the door.  Something makes you order a shot of Jack Daniels. Straight.  Three times.

John Wesley Satterfield and His Damn Fine Band
John Wesley Satterfield and His Damn Fine Band

To quote SK … “near circuit-breaker overload. Luscious, throbbing rhythm. Simmer2Sizzle Rating:  Holy Smoke!!!”

Quoting me … “I can’t feel my lips” as I’m singing “Whiter Shade of Pale” along with everyone else in the room.

Holy smoke, indeed!

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