Foodimentary + music on shuffle + checking in from …

Foodimentary*:  It’s National Mulled Cider Day.  So who the heck picks these days anyway, I wanna know?  Even rabid googling didn’t come up with an answer.  Anybody know?  Anybody care? 

Let the Music Play:  Fall on Me (R.E.M), Rose of Cimmaron (Poco), Sampson (Regina Spektor), Fire in the Canyon (Fountains of Wayne), Guaranteed to Win (Heartwood), Steal Your Love (Lucinda Williams), Dark End of the Street (Flying Burrito Bros.) …

The Station, Carrboro, NC

The Station, Carrboro, NC

Checking in last night from …  The Station (yes, again).  11-ish.  Just getting the hang of this Facebook “check in” app … surely everybody must be dying to know where I am, right?  Suddenly across a crowded room … our eyes meet.  Love at first sight.  Wait, I know why it’s immediate love. I know these people moving across the room toward me. It’s Christine & Sara!  Come to rescue me from myself after seeing my “check in.”  Thanks, y’all, but you’re going to have to do a much better job next time 🙂  Send me home much, much, much earlier, ya’ hear?   Did you know that there are some right weird people out in the middle of the night?  And I’m not talking about us.  Ok, maybe a little.  

 *Thanks John-Bryan Hopkins, The Foodimentary Guy

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